With crews strategically located nationwide, demand dictates the size of our extended workforce and geographic locations. We can rapidly scale our workforce to more than 250 experienced workers, as demand prescribes. The location and scope of work will be matched with the appropriate crew size and composition to accommodate our client’s requirements and the scope of work.


The Phoenix Group is committed to providing a safe work place for all of its employees and client and project personnel for every project. No single facet within The Phoenix Group is of greater importance.

For Decades, The Phoenix Group has an extensive history of taking measures to educate its workforce, insuring all projects operate under the safest possible conditions. A robust in-house safety program, with a constant screening to implement the safest standards and procedures to ensure safety “day-in and day-out” within all aspects of The Phoenix Group, it's clients and authoritative organizations to identify potential hazard(s) and rapidly mitigating their risk. 

The results of these efforts provide a safe work environment for our employees, and strongly affects the overall efficiency and the success of The Phoenix Group. Our goal is to provide a accident-free project environment while providing the highest level of quality and that has been a trademark of The Phoenix Group since 1917.